Release Notes for XWiki Watch 1.0

XWiki Watch is a collaborative watch tool built on top of the XWiki Enterprise, using RSS feeds as the data source. It's main features, implemented in the 1.0 version, are:

  • reading data from RSS feeds, including automated search engines feeds creation
  • enriching content in collaborative manner using tags, comments, flags
  • analyzing and filtering content through the keyword analysis feature and the various filters: articles state filters, keywords, articles date filters, tags filter
  • publishing the watch results in various methods: html, pdf documents, RSS feeds and sending emails
  • a rich RSS feeds reading interface
  • standard wiki access to data, through the portal interface
For the future plans regarding XWiki Watch, see the XWiki Watch Roadmap and the improvements and features list on jira .

Changes from 1.0 Release Candidate 2

Release Notes - XWiki Watch - Version 1.0

  • Bugs
    • XWATCH-181 - Error displaying articles when updating from an older watch version

Known issues

Bugs we know about

Warning: Note that XWiki Watch does not work properly with an Oracle database yet. See XWATCH-103


See the installation instructions for Watch.

Created by Anca Luca on 2008/07/16

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