The aim of this report is to test XWiki Enterprise 8.2.1 and see that everything is working properly.

Tested Browsers & Databases

Here is the list of browsers we support and how they have been tested for this release:

BrowserTest Result
Chrome30.pngGoogle ChromeNot Tested
Firefox30.pngMozilla Firefox 34Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 10Not Tested
IE30.pngInternet Explorer 11Not Tested

Here is the list of databases we support and how they have been tested for this release:

DatabaseTest Result
hypersql.pngHyperSQLNot Tested
mysql.pngMySQLNot Tested
oracle.pngOracleNot Tested
postgresql.pngPostgreSQL 9.5.3Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

All the tests have passed except for Closed XWIKI-8614 which has been fixed in Closed XWIKI-13619.

Jira Tickets Marked as Fixed in the Release Notes

Release Notes

TicketTest ResultTested by
Closed XWIKI-13608 Translations for the 8.3+ page XWiki.AdminTranslations have been wrongly released in 8.2 Not Tested 
Closed XWIKI-13606 When adding or editing an annotation the text box contains HTML and there's a loading spinner displayed PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13603 CKEditor loading from Mail Sending impacts the Save action PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13600 HTTP meta info save issues PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13599 PDF Export broken by style border-image PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13596 No revision is created when renaming a terminal page and updating the relative links PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13583 Page created by non-advanced user from a template provider of terminal page are non-terminal PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-13523 The default value for the 'Terminal Page' property of a Template Provider is set to Terminal PassManuel
Closed XWIKI-8614 Add autosave feature also when editing in WYSIWYG mode FailManuel
Closed XCOMMONS-1026 The fact that an extension dependency is installed on several namespaces might not be fully taken into account at init Not Tested
Created by Sorin Burjan on 2011/01/31

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