Aug 08 2018

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What did I expect from GSoC 2018

Google Summer of Code for me was as opportunity to participate in OpenSource with some support from owners and 

What was not done


Last period I was busy on investigation of Android tests, frameworks, approaches to writing of tests and other. For this reason was written small count of work tests. Besides, before end of third internship period was not completed rewritten of work with interaction with server for the reason that I have plan to use PowerMockito for mock interaction with server, but for the reason that this framework must be included in @RunWith (which by default used for Android4JUnit, as I remember) that disable default work with android instrumentation tests. As a result:

  • About two weeks were spent to investigation of frameworks, approaches and trying of instruments in non-git example projects
  • About week were spent to write and actualize tests which now included in Git Branch
  • About week were spent to find better way for work with server requests

Include OpenID

For the reason that was not completed part with tests and Open Id implementation needs to be included on XWiki side I could not complete this big task.

What was done

If you want to see all issues which was closed/solved by me, you can open XWiki Jira with filter by my closed issues. What was completed in two words:

  1. Fully rewritten work with network/API (Jira, PR)
    • Removed old handwork with network (via built-in sockets, put of heads and others)
    • Added, fixed and refactored work with network via Retrofit + RxJava
    • Removed in-app registration for the reason that XWiki API doesn't support work with registration - it must be implemented via web UI API
  2. Fully rewritten look like of application (Jira issue, PR). Was changed:
    • Page with setting up server address
    • Page with setting up username and password
    • Page with setting up synchronization settings
    • Page with edit of contact data
  3. Added common fields for edit and show (Jira, PR). Besides, in bounds of this task was rewritten and update part of work with contacts (Jira, PR)
    • Address
    • City (read only, it is not default field of XWiki)
    • Country (read only, it is not default field of XWiki)
    • Company
    • Comment (represent on android as Note)
  4. Added documentation for all written code (Jira, PR)
  5. Started to create tests (Jira, Git Branch)

Common contribute into project: contributors of project page, my commits (only master branch)

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