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5 This is the first bugfix release for the 3.5 series, and, since 3.5 is the final major release in the 3.x cycle, a bugfix release for the whole 3.x cycle. The main focus has been on quality assurance, improving the compatibility with various database systems, polishing the new sheet mechanism, the new extension manager, the skin, the WYSIWYG, and other parts of the XWiki platform.
7 = New and Noteworthy (since 3.5) =
9 == Database compatibility improvements ==
11 In XWiki 3.2 we [[upgraded to a new version of Hibernate and polished our mapping files>>ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise32||anchor="HStorageimprovements"]], for improved performance and better consistency across different RDBMSs. However, this wasn't properly tested and caused upgrade problems when using Oracle or PostgreSQL. This release remedies the situation, and 3.5.1 has been fully tested both with new installations and with upgrades on all the [[supported databases>>dev:Community.DatabaseSupportStrategy]].
13 * [[XWIKI-7539>>]] - Hibernate versioning broken with non-ascii characters when using a PostgreSQL database
14 * [[XWIKI-7564>>]] - Upgrade from a version before 3.3 fails when running on a PostgreSQL database
15 * [[XWIKI-7644>>]] - Add support for PostgreSQL as a known DatabaseProduct
16 * [[XWIKI-7645>>]] - Upgrading from a version before 3.3 causes all attachments to be broken when running on an Oracle database
17 * [[XWIKI-7763>>]] - Database migration (upgrade) fails from 3.5 to 4.0 with PostgreSQL
18 * [[XWIKI-7770>>]] - Failing migration from 3.5 to 4.0-rc-1 on Oracle
19 * [[XWIKI-7771>>]] - Failing migration from 3.5 to 4.0-rc-1 on PostgreSQL
20 * [[XE-1133>>]] - Use the PostgreSQL-specific mapping file when buiding the pgsql profile
22 == Skin improvements ==
24 In XWiki 3.4 we refreshed a bit the Colibri skin, towards a more modern look, with rounded corners and gradients. Unfortunately, this change was not perfectly backwards incompatible with older color themes, possibly causing some custom color themes to be "broken". We improved the skin in this version to better support both old and new color themes, enabling gradients only when the color theme properly defines gradients. We've also improved the color theme wizard to support the new gradients.
26 * [[XWIKI-7597>>]] - Add new colortheme variables for the gradients introduced by 3.4 and allow their modification from the colorthemes wizard
27 * [[XWIKI-7615>>]] - Remove gradient filters for inputs, textarea and select fields for IE8, IE9
28 * [[XWIKI-7616>>]] - Bad display for ColorThemes that have empty gradient values in IE8 and IE9 (Ruby, Mint, Dusk + older colorthemes)
29 * [[XWIKI-7636>>]] - The color picker doesn't open if the list of configured colors doesn't contain only hex codes
30 * [[XWIKI-7672>>]] - Livetable's filter input's border-color should be consistent with the border color used for other form elements
31 * [[XE-1122>>]] - Add new colortheme variables for the gradients introduced by 3.4 and allow their modification from the colorthemes wizard
32 * [[XE-1126>>]] - Page header background color isn't updated in real time when editing a newly created Color Theme
33 * [[XE-1127>>]] - ColorTheme Wizard doesn't display the logo when creating a new ColorTheme or visualizing a theme that has a white header background
34 * [[XE-1128>>]] - Be able to preview value changes for the 3.4 gradients (#mainmenu, #contentmenu, .xwikipaneltitle, .button) from the ColorTheme Wizard
35 * [[XE-1130>>]] - Display gradients in the ColorTheme Wizard also for IE8 and IE9 browsers
36 * [[XE-1135>>]] - Small style improvements: on ColorTheme.WebHome make .x-theme-info style consistent (font, size) + polish 'Create theme' input
38 == Rendering and WYSIWYG improvements ==
40 * [[XRENDERING-177>>]] - Empty lines around stand-alone macros are badly converted
41 * [[XWIKI-4048>>]] - Automatically add empty new line before/after macros when inserting standalone macros
42 * [[XWIKI-6121>>]] - Double clicking on text makes macro edit box appear
43 * [[XWIKI-7489>>]] - WYSIWYG editor misbehaves when entering . (period) at the end of <ul> line
44 * [[XWIKI-7565>>]] - Pass a relative URL to the inputURL WYSIWYG editor configuration parameter
45 * [[XWIKI-7573>>]] - WYSWIG Editor Undo Level is limited to 10
46 * [[XWIKI-7593>>]] - Links from other WYSIWYG fields are removed if the page is saved while a WYSIWYG field is edited in full screen
47 * [[XWIKI-7606>>]] - Cannot delete a table row when the selection spans across multiple cells
48 * [[XWIKI-7619>>]] - Infinite recursion when selecting a tree node if parent chain has cycles
50 == Debian package improvements ==
52 There have been several bugfixes for the new Debian packages:
54 * [[XE-1116>>]] - Upgrade to jdeb 0.10
55 * [[XE-1118>>]] - conffiles and postinst files should ends with a new line in debian packages
56 * [[XE-1119>>]] - postgres debian packages don't have the right name
57 * [[XE-1120>>]] - /etc/xwiki/hibernate.cfg.xml file is not generated by debian installer
58 * [[XE-1123>>]] - hibernate configuration file does not have the right owner in debian installer
59 * [[XE-1152>>]] - Debian tomcat/mysql based package has wrong names
61 == Sheet Module improvements ==
63 As with any new module, only intensive usage can reveal hard to spot bugs. Fortunately, we've been hard at work and we fixed most of the problems that we've detected, and this module should be more bulletproof now.
65 * [[XWIKI-7325>>]] - Class sheets are not applied on document translations
66 * [[XWIKI-7529>>]] - Comment preview doesn't work when a sheet is applied to a document
68 == AppWithinMinutes improvements ==
70 * [[XWIKI-7380>>]] - Cannot go back from step 2 to step 1
71 * [[XWIKI-7466>>]] - AppWithinMinutes Sheet generator makes sheet flow only 50% of the page
72 * [[XWIKI-7379>>]] - Set AppWithinMinutes.WebHome as the parent of the application home page
73 * [[XWIKI-7563>>]] - Application created by Application Within Minutes cuts "?" both in page names and page titles
74 * [[XWIKI-7610>>]] - LiveTable generator does not escape XWiki syntax in JSON strings.
76 == Extension Manager improvements ==
78 * [[XWIKI-7588>>]] - Extension JAR handler does not put the classloader associated to prefixed wiki name
79 * [[XWIKI-7614>>]] - When in a subwiki XAR extension should be installed on the current wiki by default
80 * [[XWIKI-7646>>]] - Jar extension does not produce component events when loaded at startup
82 == Miscellaneous ==
84 * [[XCOMMONS-118>>]] - EmbeddableComponentManager#hasComponent does not fallback on parent CM
85 * [[XWIKI-6784>>]] - No error shown when having wrong CSRF token and saving with AJAX save and continue
86 * [[XWIKI-6934>>]] - Preview action doesn't displays the page's title
87 * [[XWIKI-7513>>]] - Failure to upload attachments using REST
88 * [[XWIKI-7591>>]] - Query wiki is not fully taken into account
89 * [[XWIKI-7594>>]] - Recent XWiki.XWikiPreferences properties are not created automatically
90 * [[XWIKI-7599>>]] - Activity macro doesn't work when logged in as superadmin
91 * [[XWIKI-7617>>]] - doc.fullName does not work as Livetable column because the JSON returns doc_fullname
92 * [[XWIKI-7633>>]] - Impossible to restart XWiki application alone without restarting the application server
93 * [[XWIKI-7656>>]] - Office Viewer plugin does not work with spaces in the attachments filename
94 * [[XWIKI-7682>>]] - Fix 'delete this attachment' title's translation key
95 * [[XWIKI-7731>>]] - ActivityStream subclasses can't provide their own subclasses of ActivityEvent anymore
96 * [[XWIKI-7736>>]] - Trying to change the parent with the REST service results in an error
98 = Tested Browsers =
100 Here's the list of browsers tested with this version (i.e. browsers that we've tested as working - Check the list of [[supported browsers>>dev:Community.BrowserSupportStrategy]]):
102 {{browser name='iexplorer' version= '8'/}}
104 {{browser name='chrome' version= '17'/}}
106 {{browser name="firefox" version="3.6.23"/}}
108 {{browser name="firefox" version="11.0"/}}
110 {{browser name="iexplorer" version="9"/}}
112 = Tested Databases =
114 Here's the list of RDBMSs tested with this version (i.e. databases that we've tested as working, both for new installations and for upgrades - Check the list of [[supported databases>>dev:Community.DatabaseSupportStrategy]]):
116 {{database name="hsqldb" version="2.2.8"/}}
118 {{database name="mysql" version="5.x"/}}
120 {{database name='oracle' version= '11.x'/}}
122 {{database name='postgresql' version= '9.x'/}}
124 = Known issues =
126 * [[Bugs we know about>>]]
128 = Test Report =
130 You can check the [[manual test report>>TestReports.ManualTestReportXE351]] to learn about what was tested and the results on various browsers.
132 = Backward Compatibility and Migration Notes =
134 == General Notes ==
136 {{warning}}
137 If you're running in a multiwiki setup you'll also need to define the property // to your //xwiki.cfg// file or explicitly name all databases to be migrated as in //,db2,...//.
138 {{/warning}}
140 You may also want to [[import the default wiki XAR>>Main.Download]] in order to benefit from all the improvements listed above.
142 {{warning}}
143 Always make sure you compare your ##xwiki.cfg## and files with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Note that you should add so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.
144 {{/warning}}
146 == Issues specific to the 3.5.1 version ==
148 As stated above in the [[Database compatibility improvements>>ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise351||anchor="HDatabasecompatibilityimprovements"]] section, in XWiki 3.2 we changed the Hibernate mapping files which caused some incompatibilities for PostgreSQL and Oracle databases. All new installations should work without any problems, and upgrades from older versions have been thoroughly tested and there shouldn't be any problems except the one noted below. However, given that some column types have changed between since older versions, **do make a backup of your database first**. If you encounter any problems, please [[report them>>]].
150 === Upgrade from a version between 3.2 and 3.5 to 3.5.1 on PostgreSQL ===
152 The mapping file for PostgreSQL was broken for these versions, causing [[XWIKI-7539>>]], so all history entries containing non-ASCII characters were broken. This data loss is permanent and can't be undone, there's no way of getting back a valid history from the database. While we tried to fix as many history entries as possible, this kind of entries will remain broken, leading to inaccessible older versions for some documents. We kept valid the history meta data though, so you can still see when and by whom each version was created.
154 == API Breakages ==
156 No APIs were modified since 3.5.

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