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2 This page lists the features that need to be added to the [[Manual Test Report Template>>ManualTestReportTemplate]], in order for them to be tested as part of the full testing process in the M2 release phase.
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5 |=Feature to be added|=More info|=Who's adding it|=Status
6 |More extension manager tests| |Manuel|Done
7 |App within minutes| |Manuel|Done; needs to be reviewed|\\
8 |Solr search: the search itself and the XWiki administration section|[[Release notes>>xwiki:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWiki43||anchor="HExperimentalSolrbasedsearchengine"]]|Manuel|Done; needs to be reviewed
9 |Hide technical documents from non-technical users|[[Release notes>>xwiki:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise41||anchor="HHidetechnicaldocumentsfromnon-technicalusers"]]|Manuel|Done; needs to be reviewed
10 |Global and per-user timezone setting|[[Release notes>>xwiki:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise41||anchor="HGlobalandper-usertimezonesetting"]]|Manuel|Done; needs to be reviewed
11 |"See thread" link for annotations|[[Release notes>>xwiki:ReleaseNotes.ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise40||anchor="HAnnotationsmergedwithCommentsbydefault"]]|Manuel|Done; needs to be reviewed
12 |Add "Google Analytics" & "Logging" subsections in the Wiki Administration section.| |Manuel|Done; needs to be reviewed

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